Red Satin Glove

Red Satin Glove


Isabella Cotier

Oil Pastel and Indian Ink on Paper

14 x 9cm



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Isabella loves visiting the Wallace Collection and The National Portrait Gallery and has made these Queens as an amalgamation of the portraits she's observed there.

They display Isabella's signature style that celebrates the hilarity of human nature: quirky clothing choices worn by society's misfits. Red Satin Glove is brimming with references to various Queens, combining the distinctive red hair of Elizabeth I irreverently with the pearl necklace of Anne Boleyn.

Isabella says of her Queens:"I wanted to create fictional characters that celebrate the extravagance and decadence of the characters in the paintings."


Isabella's work is refreshing in the way that she profiles both ordinary and extraordinary people. Sketchy and impulsive: her line is paired with a very deliberate use of colour which reinforces a mood or brings to life the personality of her subjects.

To find out more, step inside her studio.