Venetia Berry is a London-based artist who trained at The Charles Cecile School in Florence, followed by The Leith School in Edinburgh and then completed her post-grad at The Royal Drawing School, London. An accomplished oil painter and portrait artist, she also creates work that is whimsical and dream-like. With a particular interest in the female nude, her languid forms drift across the page or canvas like apparitions or puffs of smoke. She paints the figure through an abstracted lens, simplifying the form using pure line, or reduced mark-making. 

Venetia's work seeks to reverse the male gaze by challenging the archetypical sexualised female nude. Her distorted and elongated forms play with feelings of illusion and trickery. There is an ambiguity to her work which invites the viewer's imagination and own interpretation.

In this new monoprint series, produced exclusively for Partnership Editions, Berry has abstracted the female form even further, creating dappled shapes on a page that could be mistaken for cells seen through a microspope. The dappled chemical effect, that Berry has created, gives each piece a wonderful sense of transience and movement causing the viewer to wonder what was intended by the artist, and what they are projecting onto the image from their own imagination - akin to imaginary forms that we might see in a cloud.

Berry says: "For these mono prints I built up the layers, through printing and reprinting until a sense of depth was achieved. The layering created the feel of something that could be found in nature, like mould or rust. These natural patterns fascinate me, as the eye tries to find something recognisable within them. I don’t want the figures in my ‘Dreamscapes’ to become visible to the viewer immediately, but to slowly emerge as the imagination involves itself in the work."

Venetia has had two solo exhibitions at Alex Eagle Studio in London. 

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