The Spring Edit


Julianna Byrne

suns and moons

Juliana’s new works are a continuation of her previous Suns and Moons series in which the mystical nature of the cycles of day and night are explored in soft ink and gouache. As March comes to an end and British Summer Time is just around the corner, the days lengthen and the nights draw in, what better time to explore the signifiers of the new season than through this Equinox inspired series.



These ethereal paintings reference the mythical world of aquatic beings. Part woodland nymph part hypnotic river bather, the blue ink wash of Naides IV is calm yet mysterious.

Julianna’s Sea Coral series make reference to traditional botanical engravings or pressed flowers, yet are executed using her own unique and seemingly effortless style.


Isabella cOTIER


Isabella loves visiting the Wallace Collection and The National Portrait Gallery and has made these Queens as an amalgamation of the portraits she's observed there.

They display Isabella's signature style that celebrates the hilarity of human nature: quirky clothing choices worn by society's misfits. Each is rendered with the wonderful immediacy of line and brilliant colour palette, within the miniature format of her Moleskine sketchbook, that makes her work so recognisable.

White Lace
I wanted to create fictional characters that celebrate the extravagance and decadence of the characters in the paintings.

Rose Electra Harris


Rose’s additions to her Chintz series show her skilful and joyful command of colour and pattern as well as her eye for antiques and interiors. These new works are intricately detailed but they preserve fluid imperfections making them rich without being too literal. The details Rose picks out are as much to do with the feel of the object as with how they look and we love that Wild Room II offers another angle on the space seen in Wild Room. The works show spaces and objects that are beautifully styled - mis-matched yet perfectly coherent and inviting.



Spring is in the air and Lisa Hardy’s watercolours are innate musings on the floral blooms surrounding us.

The organic abstractions capture the essence of different seasons, scents, memories and flora and fauna and in bring the emergence of a new season to life. Her work has a soothing and calming effect on the viewer, referencing the peace to be found in nature.