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3. / Pandora Sykes

Journalist and Broadcaster


Ahead of her talk with Alexa Coe, Hester Finch and Venetia Berry and Fee Greening on 14th March at the Royal Academy, Pandora highlights some of her favourite works from How She Looks and explains why they are so appealing.

What does ‘the female gaze’ actually mean? It means seeing women through the lens of a woman. It means seeing them for their beauty and their flaws and the beauty in their flaws. It is not about posturing, or pretending. There is an honesty in the work of these four artists, and their representation of what it is to be a woman: her curves, her fears, her possessions.

2. / Charlie Porter

Founder of Tat London


We’ve spoken to Charlie Porter, founder of online antiques store TAT London, about where she developed her love of interiors, her favourite markets to browse and her curated selection of artworks from Partnership Editions.

“Buy what makes your heart happy… Tastes will change, but if you loved it once then you’ll always have a connection with it.”



I./ Katy Hessel

The Great Women Artists

KatyHessel imagebyRoryJames-6 (1).jpg

Ahead of her talk with Alexa Coe, Hester Finch and Venetia Berry on 10th March (buy a ticket), we talk to Katy Hessel, Founder of the hit Instagram Account The Great Women Artists. She tells us who inspires her, what she collects and exhibitions we should all be checking out this year.

Art to me is a visual reflection of the culture we live in today. It’s meant to inspire, educate and make people think. Art should be inclusive and there for everyone to enjoy, and should help people to see the world a little bit differently