Islington Square

3 OCT - 8 NOV 2019

We’re excited to announce a series of interactive and immersive exhibitions in the brand new Islington Square.

In a first for Partnership Editions, and for London, three artists will transform a glass fronted exhibition space into satellite versions of their studios.

Alexandria Coe, Isabella Cotier and Rose Electra Harris will each be in residence for ten days consecutively from 3 October to 8 November. The artists’ installations will evolve throughout their residencies via live painting (every day between 12pm - 2pm, for public viewing), each culminating in an exhibition where people can buy the artworks that have been created during this time direct from these studios.

The programme

(more information about the opening parties and events to be revealed soon…)





Alexandria Coe is known for her impulsive line drawings of the female body. Starting with a totally blank space, Alex will be drawing live on a daily basis - pinning works to the walls as she works, building up a collection of over 200 original pieces by the end of the ten day residency.

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Isabella Cotier BW.jpg


another place


Isabella is a continual observer of the people and passing moments around her, which she documents from life in her sketchbooks. For the first time, Isabella will be creating large-scale (larger than life-size) paintings of people that she has seen on the streets of London alongside surreal paintings of things that she has imagined or drawn from her mind. Her space will bring together all her eclectic influences and themes into one space - transporting you into another realm, another place…

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3/ rose electra harris

moving rooms

29 OCTOBER - 8 November

The modern-day Matisse, Rose’s work celebrates the colour and design of everyday objects. Inspired by her antique dealing father, Rose’s interior spaces are surreal and whimsical and her latest work is inspired by her time recently living in Mexico City. For her studio series, Rose will transform half of the space into an interiors set which she’ll draw from life and the other half will be constructed like a gallery space - so you can choose whether you’d like to buy from the studio or from the exhibition.

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