Emily Forgot is an interdisciplinary artist whose art, design and illustrative works draw inspiration from all-things-interiors. Currently working predominantly with wood, Emily creates sculptural compositions that are as unforgettable as her amusing alias.

Her passion for spatial and 3D design is embodied by her construction of architectural “assemblages”, which are modelled on aspects of her day-to-day surroundings. Bright, colourful and faultlessly aligned, these contoured creations reflect an array of factual, fictitious and re-imagined buildings. They inhabit the curious space between 2D and 3D, intangible and concrete.

Originally from Sheffield, Emily has lived and worked in London since graduating from Liverpool School of Art and Design in 2004. While continuing to develop her dynamic visual language, she dedicates time to her popular blog Muse & Maker, as well as engaging with an array of impressive clients such as the V&A and Somerset House.

(Photography by Freya Clayton-Payne)


Original Works



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Emily studio 2
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