The Book of Cosy Prints

by Rose Electra Harris

Released to celebrate the Launch of

The Book of Cosy: The British art of comfort

by Laura Weir

These four limited edition prints are released to coincide with the launch of The Book of Cosy: The British Art of Comfort by Laura Weir, Editor of The Evening Standard Magazine, and illustrated exclusively by Rose Electra Harris. This graphic novel comprises over one-hundred specially made ink drawings by Rose. For Partnership Editions, Rose has selected four of her favourite illustrations from the book -developing them into colourful and dynamic limited edition prints.

The Book of Cosy was a hugely collaborative experience between Rose and Laura - a meeting (and interpretation) of minds.

Rose describes the unique process involved in making the illustrations for the book: “Working on The Book of Cosy was something completely new to me. Laura sent over an illustration grid with rough descriptions of what she thought would be suitable for different chapters/sections/headings and gave me free range to interpret as I chose. Despite the seemingly abstract concept of “cosy”, Laura had such a clear vision for the chapters and illustrations; somehow we shared the same vision of cosy, and it just clicked.”

Laura approached Rose for the book due to Rose’s unique artistic style and love of quintessentially British interiors and experiences. Rose: “I think what attracted Laura to my work was my imperfect style of drawing. I like things to be wonky, interiors to seem a bit surreal and not every detail is in proportion. I like to capture the feel or essence of an object or room, without it looking exactly as it should.”

Rose took a lot of inspiration from places around her and her own understanding of cosy: “my parents house, my friends cottage in Pembrokeshire, a favourite pub in Kentish town, my own childhood memories, favourite comfort foods. Some were taken from my saved photographs folder on instagram and from interiors magazines I’ve collected over the years. It turned out, a lot of what I think to be cosy was similar to Laura’s vision of cosy. 

Everyone has their own idea of cosy; mine right now would be slumped on the sofa, with a fire, (the worse the weather the better), tucked up with Jabba my dog, a duvet, Master Chef on TV, tea or wine and a fish pie.”

Limited Edition Prints