Chica was born in Lisbon and studied Fine Art at Brighton University. Chica is interested in the way women have been depicted throughout art history and how our ideals of beauty have changed; from voluptuous fertility goddesses, to the perfectly proportioned Venus. She relishes the relatively new phenomenon of being a woman painting women.

Her recent studies in Rome inspired her to look more closely at Classical sculpture and led to an interest in depicting cupids and angels in her work. She reinvents these figures in a unique style of her own - often contrasting the innocence and cheekiness of the cupid, with the sensual often erotic poses of her adult subjects. With their eyes often closed, her subjects evoke a dream-like state, caught somewhere between contented innocence and lustful ecstasy.

Chica says about her work: "There is hilarity in the ‘Classical’ guise artists used in order to paint naked figures. I find this particularly interesting in the depiction of cupids and angels. This age of innocence is something I am exploring within my work at the moment, taking influence from decorative art, for example the medieval ‘Devonshire Hunting Tapestries’ and stained glass in the V&A."

Original artworks