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Partnership Editions works collaboratively with some of today's most exciting emerging to mid-career artists to produce limited edition prints and multiples as well as affordable unique works of art. We want to make art accessible to all levels of collector as well as to give emerging artists a platform to experiment with new mediums and engage and evolve with new audiences. Through our highly curated approach, you have the time and space to get to know each artist before you buy without being overwhelmed by choice and information. All our artworks are handmade Fine Art prints or works of art, they are never fine art posters of original artworks.



Each artwork has been made exclusively for Partnership Editions. All are handmade and signed by the artist. Limited editions are released in varied print runs, never exceeding /50, ensuring their collectibility.

Authentic Engagement


We spend time getting to know all of our artists, which is why we focus on quality not quantity. Our events programme gives you the opportunity to meet artists and like-minded collectors. 

Affordable Pricing


Artworks range from £50 - £1,000, making this a fantastic opportunity for young and emerging collectors and for unique gifts. We also work with interior designers to source artworks to spec.



We're on-hand to help you start your art collection. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or are looking for something specific. If you don't see the perfect work right now, we can discuss special commissions or let you know when we're releasing something you'll love.

 Georgia Spray in her Stoke Newington home (photo Thea Lovstad)

Georgia Spray in her Stoke Newington home (photo Thea Lovstad)

About OUR Founder and Curator 

Partnership Editions aims to make remarkable art affordable for all. The brainchild of
Georgia Spray, who founded the business in 2017, Partnership Editions is a curated platform that unearths accessibly-priced original artworks by today’s most talented emerging artists –a springboard for anyone looking to start or enhance their art collection.

Six years spent working in the art world convinced Georgia that there was a gap in the market: a curated platform to connect would-be collectors with emerging artists. Georgia studied History of Art at Bristol University, going on to work at leading art institutions including White Cube Gallery, Christie’s and The Auction Room, a digital auction house at which she launched the Contemporary African Art department, and for art dealer Ivor Braka. Tired of the elitism of the art world, and after having received continued enquiries from peers unable to find good quality affordable art for their homes, she founded Partnership Editions.

She has now built a community of artists (sourcing them through degree shows, Instagram and word-of-mouth), and whilst this number is ever-growing, she only features artists whose aesthetic and philosophy she feels personally drawn to. With this approach, Partnership Editions maintains a personal and authentic connection with each and every artist and collector.

Whether an artist, collector, potential collaborator, or an art novice, I'd love to hear from you.